Be a fitness model! HA

My husband came home bragging about this mother of two had lost 70 lbs and was now a fitness model.. um.. talk about pressure.  Anyway, she basically summed up her success to researching what athletes ate and then mimicking their lifestyle.  Pretty basic, nothing new. So I thought about it, did a little research, and what I found was the same thing over and over. 
Via Fit & Slim

  • They all mimic a similar lifestyle (why re-invent the wheel?) 
  • Ate 5-6 evenly spaced out meals, 
    • Most don't calorie count
    • Cut out processed foods and large amounts of carbs
    • portion control ( with six meals, this is totally doable)
  • Cardio is important but said strength training was a must
In my research I found a super cute, super fun blogger: Dedication to life who does guest posts on fitness blogs and has her own super fantastic blog. She shares recipes, workouts, and while she is fit and pretty (far away from where I am) she just seems normal!

Here is a guest post of hers on Trimmed and Fit: Top 10 tips for Beginners (beware: this site has lots of musclely, overly tanned, half naked bootys & bellys). 


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